A Brief History of St. Paul’s

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church was established in Kingsville, MD in the year 1850. The congregation consisted of members from Perry Hall, Kingsville, and surrounding Baltimore county neighborhoods. Our first church, a small stone structure seating about thirty people, was built in 1859. Pastor M. W. Sommers laid the cornerstone. The church stood next to a cow pasture and was located in the present cemetery by the retaining wall.

For a time, we at St. Paul’s were associated with the members of nearby St. John’s Lutheran Church of Blenheim as a dual parish served by the same pastor. However, growth in Baltimore County resulted in each congregation seeking its own pastor.

In 1875, our first parsonage was built on the grounds of the present school. It was a two-story frame building facing Jerusalem Road. Twelve years later, Pastor Herr organized St. Paul’s first school in the living room of the parsonage. There were as many as twenty students enrolled at a time.

Our parish grew throughout the ensuing decades. In 1912, twenty-eight members of St. Paul’s, under the leadership of Pastor N. Soergel, built a new sanctuary — the beautiful white-paneled “country church” which was to become so familiar to, and so much loved by, both congregation and community.

Parish records indicate that by 1942 St. Paul’s had 132 communicant members and the average attendance at worship was 83 at morning service and 26 at evening service.

In 1949, the firm of William Winskowski of Jarrettsville constructed the Parish Hall, our large multipurpose building adjacent to the church.

In 1954, the church was expanded, adding more pews and relocating the organ to the rear of the nave.

St. Paul’s Lutheran School opened its doors in 1957.  Mr. Loren Goehner was our founding principal.  Children in kindergarten through fourth grade met in classes in the Parish Hall.  Removable partitions were used to separate the classes.

In 1992, Rev. Michael Wollman accepted a call to be pastor of St. Paul’s.  Six years later, Rev. Gary Zieroth was installed as our first associate pastor.

In 1999, our congregation voted to build a new and larger church structure.  The final service in our beloved 1912 “country church” was held on November 28, 1999.  On December 10, 2000, we dedicated and consecrated our present 350-seat church.  And on November 25, 2001, we celebrated a special service to dedicate our new Zimmer organ and our refurbished and new stained-glass windows.