Guatemala Mission

It’s that time of year again! Time to start thinking of sending a Christmas gift to our friends in Guatemala at our CarePoint! An anonymous donor is willing to match a gift up to $500! Let’s exceed this goal! Pray about blessing this beautiful mission, which continues to spread the good news of the Gospel in the midst of many challenges!



Below is a Christmas greeting from our CarePoint in Guatemala from the director, Rosita Zet.

Christmas Greeting




We are excited to announce a new mission opportunity in Guatemala! The evangelism committee has been faithfully praying for God to lead the church for his purposes in outreach. After much time in prayer, they feel God is leading St.Paul’s to sponsor the CarePoint led by Rosita Zet in Coban called Bethelehem! Follow this link to read all about it!


Please prayerfully consider sponsorship! contact Amanda Brintnall for more details at

Why Do I Go?
On my first trip to Guatemala, I will never forget taking the orphanage staff out to dinner. After eating, one woman, holding her newborn baby, turned to her friend and started speaking rapidly about us. I could tell she was questioning something about our group, by her gestures. Our translator turned to me and said, she is wondering why you would take her out to dinner. She doesn’t understand.
I said, “You do so much for these children. This is our way of appreciating you!” 
She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “This restaurant is the nicest place I have ever eaten! I feel like I am receiving treasure from heaven.”
Imagine an eggroll… a treasure from heaven.
On another trip, I remember telling a young man what his name meant. “Eric means prince,” I said. This child, who was wearing a shy frown, began beaming. Never in my life have I actually witnessed someone growing taller before my very eyes. But he did. Starting his day, that boy probably felt as far away from that title as one could feel. However, by the end of the day, something happened. It’s as if, God had revealed who he truly was…valuable…like a prince. And somehow when I came home, I felt like I was taller. Perhaps my body needed more room for my expanding heart.
This is why I go. I go because God tells us to care for the poor and the widow. I go because these children have changed my life far more than I have ever touched theirs. I go because when you get a glimpse of God at work, nothing else satisfies. You want to see it again. And again. I go because somehow these trips simplify things…it’s all about Jesus. I go because these people seem to know things about God that I have never experienced, and they generously share it with me. I go because, if not me, than who?
The thing about mission trips is, it’s not about me. It never is. It’s about our generous God, who weaves together redemption stories, like only He can. It’s about His incredible love and mercy. It’s about Him. 
Would you like to be a part of this summer’s mission trip to Guatemala? Please prayerfully consider it! 
Questions? Contact Amanda Brintnall