Middle School Youth Group

 Middle School Youth Group Bible Study

All kids in grades 6-8 are welcome to join us in a Bible Study get together called “A Life of Faith and Adventure.”
Middle School Youth Group meets biweekly on Saturdays at 4PM in the Parish Hall.  
In this study, they will talk about just what it means to follow Jesus, as they learn from stories about Peter, the disciple.  They will discuss how he left everything and followed Jesus and how he experienced some of the highest highs (walking on water) and the lowest lows (denying his Savior) and how much his Savior loved him through it all.  Following Jesus is never boring! 
God’s word is living and active! Please pray that His word comes alive in the hearts of our children here at St. Paul’s.  Any questions, contact Carrie Rye at crye@stpaulskingsville.org

March 7 – Get Together in Parish Hall at 4 PM
March 13 – “Love Your Neighbor” Talk at 3:15 PM in Youth Room
March 21 – Get Together in Parish Hall at 4 PM