Coming Home

Posted in Mission Team Updates

So you’ve read a weeks worth of stories, shared in our laughter, tears, and our joyous moments. What’s left to tell you? Well there’s plenty. God blessed us each with a unique perspective and opened our eyes in new ways this week. It’s exciting to be on the plane bursting with stories to share with my loved ones when I see them. 

We spent a lot of time this week making sure the children, parents, grandparents and other caretakers knew that Jesus loved them. My prayer to God this week has been that our family back home also learned of Jesus’ love. Maybe it was through a story we shared here on these updates, or maybe it will be during the mission service in a few weeks, regardless I pray that you were reminded of Jesus’ unending love for you. Because I definitely know I was. 

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica and her children. I was thankful that she made it a priority in her family’s life to be at Rosa De Amor. She knew that it was a place her children could be safe and cared for. When we returned this year it didn’t even cross my mind that she might have still been attending their program. But I was thankful she was. I had the pleasure of reconnecting with her and her children and say how much they grew. Little Kevin was up and walking all over the place. Diego grew into such a leader, he was able to guide his friends in a river construction project. Jennifer, her oldest, had excelled so much in her English and was able to have conversations and help us translate at times. 

Jessica throughout the week smiled and said hello to me. She would always trust any of us to help her 18 month old son Kevin. We’d play catch, or throw around inner-tubes trying to get them on each other’s heads. At the end of the week Jessica came and found me and gave me a beautiful tortilla holder. During this week I learned that she did embroidery as a source of income. She said it takes her up to 6 hours to finish a project, the entire week she was working on a set of curtains. They looked wonderful by the way! She recognized that we were bringing Jesus not just to her children but to her as well. She showed that thankfulness back to us and it blew me away. 

As much as we feel called to pour in to these people when we are sent on a mission trip, the pour right back in to us. Being able to see this family grow was such a wonderful blessing. We are reminded that God is truly in control. 

So as a church what can you do? How can you continue to share in this joy? Well you’ve been praying for us this week, and we are so thankful, but why does it have to stop today? Let’s continue to pray for thanksgiving for the opportunity St. Paul’s has had to send a mission team to spread the love of Jesus in the lives of people who need to hear it. Let us continue to be thankful for the gifts we have from God each and every day. 

Alex Bagnara