Hard-Pressed But Not Crushed

Posted in Mission Team Updates

A few weeks ago, the Epistle reading was from 2 Corinthians 4:7-12. Entering this week, that specific passage continued to resonate with me. I’ve continued to think about how apprehensive I’ve felt over the last few months but found encouragement in Paul’s words – that no matter the condition of my jar of clay, it was the treasure inside of me that mattered. My clay jar was just a vessel to be used to carry the precious treasure of Jesus from Maryland to Guatemala. With the passage in my head this week, I never imagined how far I would feel pressed and struck down. 

Today was our group’s last day at Rosa de Amor in San Lucas. It was also my first. I had fallen ill with a stomach virus on Tuesday that left me on the bench for the last three days. To say it was disheartening to stay back at the hotel and missing the opportunity to share the treasure in my jar would be putting it lightly. I mean, that’s the whole reason I came here, right?

I exited the van this morning only to see all kinds of new faces, greeting our group for the last time. For awhile I enjoyed just observing, seeing the connections and relationships that had already been built. Despite the unsettled feelings in my body, I wanted to participate. Even though I hadn’t built any relationships here yet, I knew that my group had left the impression that they would know why I am here. No matter the condition of my jar of clay – cracked with sickness, hard-pressed with personal insecurities or persecuted for my faith – there was still a treasure I needed to share. 

Through the lesson of VBS today, sharing the idea of Christian community, to the laughs and smiles of the field day activities it is no longer just a hope that the people we’ve encountered here in Guatemala, both in Coban and San Lucas, can sense the love of Jesus. It is my joy to know that verbal and life witness of Jesus has been made known to these beautiful souls. I may not have been able to do all that I wanted, but I’m grateful I could be a vessel used to transport this message – no matter how cracked or flawed it may be. 

Traci Hanna