Relationships Grow Closer

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Dear Family & Friend at St Paul’s & Friends,

I am a new member of the Mission team this year.  I would like to offer a special thanks to Amanda for guiding us to prepare for this amazing trip.  Her emphasis on “flexible” schedule, and “just go with it” couldn’t have been spoken any better.

Each day we have plans that may or may not happen.  Today for the second day, Karen and I arrived at breakfast in our field day shirts.  Only to learn for the second day , we are not having field day. Only with a full team can we have field day.  So we got to change our shirts once again.

We thank you Lord for healing Tracie and Ellen.  So tomorrow will be the big day!

This morning as we entered Rosa de Amor community center, many children arrived before us.  As they saw us approaching, they ran to us with open arms and calling us by our American names.  Sharing the love of Jesus by our actions and sharing God’s Word and Truth has opened the doors to their trust of us.  It felt like our own children running to greet us.

Our day was filled with various activities from VBS lesson focused on the forgiveness of sins and laying them at the foot of the cross.  A beaded cross necklace was the craft of the day.  It is a reminder of God’s forgiveness of all our sins.   

Lots of games involving beach balls and inner tubes were the hit of the day. Of course soccer and basketball engaged older children.

Big event of the day was a special volunteer guest from Hope Chest.  Chef Wally travelled to our center to bake a new recipe for everyone.  Alex,Cindy and I were chosen assist with this original recipe.  We spent a long time measuring and stirring a huge pot over a wood burning stove. The secret ingredients did not burn by Alex’s great skills.  The Chef was indoors creating a special topping!!  Everyone really enjoyed the final tasty treat.  It ended with sticky fingers and lots of smiles.

We were given special permission to share the ingredients with you.   These included cereal of any kind, marshmallows, butter, white icing and Nutella. You will be able to taste Chef Wally’s new recipe by attending a special Mission Sunday in July.  Watch your bulletin for the date!

Pray for all of us, as tomorrow is the final day.  Leaving these little ones and wonderful staff will be very emotional day.

God’s Blessing to Everyone!

Sharon Garrison