¡Hasta Luego Coban y Hola San Lucas!

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Today has been a fun-packed day full of adventure and smiles! For my first time being here in Guatemala I am really enjoying this time and the experiences.

Last night leaving the orphanage in Coban in the evening was difficult because I felt such a connection to the children there. They were so loving, affectionate, funny, and carefree. They felt like family already because every time I walked by they would say “John, John!” (which sounded more like: “Jawn, Jawn!”) and then they would jump on my back and let me chase them around the property. Leaving them was hard because I wanted to stay to continue our fellowship there but God brought us all to San Lucas.

We departured from Coban at 5:30am today June 26. I think we all left some sleep to be had the night before which was easy to be told by our long faces and bags under our eyes. We knew we had another 5-6 hour trip ahead of us in a rough van ride. What we didn’t know is that some of us were going to catch a stomach queesiness for the length of the van ride and more. Pastor Mike prayed that God would equip us with everything we need to serve by the time we got to the orphanage in San Lucas, which was a completely different group of kids.

Two of our teammates caught a sickness towards the end of the day after our long ride in the van and had to stay back at the hotel instead of coming to the orphanage. Despite not having them for the evening we still were able to reflect the love of Jesus and encourage while being encouraged by smiles from every kid.

We quickly noticed that kids at the carepoint in San Lucas were more competitive than those of the ones in Coban which I hadn’t expected coming into it. God has blessed me along the way by allowing me to use the small bit of Spanish that I know to be a light in their community.

One specific interaction with a kid named Leo was very memorable. Another kid was picking on Leo, throwing the ball in his face and laughing. Leo was sad and felt excluded as he was just sitting in the corner and watching them play. Thank God I knew how to say “quieres venir y jugar con nosotros?” (do you want to come and play with us?.) He quickly got up and joined in! Other kids noticed that we became friends quickly when he followed me around everywhere as we played basketball and volleyball. They seemed confused why I wanted to know him as we said our goodbyes and “hasta mañanas” (see you tomorrows.)

 This week I am praying that God will open their eyes to love their friends and neighbors as themselves as Jesus loved us.

John Smith